As entertainment co-ordinator for the New Zealand Masters Games 2009, I would have to say that Johnny Devlin and the Tornadoes were one of the star attractions at the games this year.

Johnny's Civic Reception in downtown Wanganui attracted the biggest crowd to the city centre in more than a decade. He performed a couple of his famous hits which attracted national TV coverage and drew a huge 3,000+ crowd to the Games entertainment village the same night.

The slick presentation of the Tornadoes set the scene, and when Johnny came out, one would think they were back in the day when this NZ icon was at his peak. The crowd went wild! In saying that, his performance was right up there with the best of entertainers of today. He still has the charisma that audiences of any era are looking for in a performer. The music was fantastic and the show was very much the highlight for those who remembered those memorable years.

The whole team was a delight to work with both professionally and at a personal level. I felt Johnny and the Tornadoes were extremely polished in their delivery and attitude, and that made my job very enjoyable.

Thanks to you all. Keep rockin' Johnny!!!
Bill Acklin
Entertainment Co-ordinator
New Zealand Masters Games 2009


We were delighted with the professionalism of the show and Johnny Devlin has not lost much over the years at all. The Tornadoes would have to be the best support group I have seen in 30 years in the business, an absolutely fantastic show.

Lindsay McKinney
Palmerston North RSA Club, NZ


The crowd loved The Tornadoes saying they we worth the admission price on their own. Johnny Devlin had the audience rocking. Overall a complete entertainment package.

Dean Candy
Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club, Wellington NZ


Johnny Devlin and The Tornadoes were a rockin' success in Auckland City Council's 2008 Music in Parks programme. The whole park bopped to the Tornadoes and everyone was just awed by Kiwi rock 'n' roll icon Johnny Devlin, still delivering the goods.

Kingsley Melhuish
event organiser
Music in Parks - Movies in Parks
Auckland City Council , NZ


ROCKONZ 2008 in Christchurch was a great Rock and Roll event. The ROCKONZ Hall of Fame Awards dinner at the Christchurch Casino saw Johnny Devlin receive the "New Zealand Star" Award as he was inaugurated into the New Zealand Rock and Roll, ROCKONZ Hall of Fame, along with Suzanne Lynch and Tap Heperi, two other New Zealand Greats.

The next day the rain poured down but didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the Rock and Roll dancers and fans in Cathedral Square meeting and greeting the Stars, nor the audience at the Christchurch Town Hall where Johnny performed at his best his perennial solid gold hits, backed by his favourite band "The Tornadoes". The Tornadoes brought the flavour of the "50's and "60's to life with their choice of songs, their colourful appearance and professional performance.

The crowds that night and next day at the ROCKONZ Jam session, were blown away by the music and the friendliness of both Johnny and the Tornadoes and look forward to them coming back to New Zealand to perform again.

Cecile & Dion Murphy
ROCKONZ Festival Directors
Christchurch, New Zealand


The Tornadoes are one of the few "Ever Green" bands and their fame has certainly spread far and wide from both recent days of their touring New Zealand to their recording days some years ago in the USA.

In fact, our Club was their major sponsor when they recorded their Country Hit " Ghost Riders in the Sky." in the mid-90's.
The bands repertoire is truly amazing. They started playing 50's music and have kept up with the times learning songs to fit the era they were currently a part of even up to today.

They have always been a popular band with our patrons always playing to a full house and you can always count on the Dance Floor being full.

It has over the years been a great pleasure for me personally to be associated with the band. They are not only a great bunch of Musicians and a sought after and talented band but also genuinely nice people.

Their relationship with Shellharbour Workers' Club has always been strong and I am sure it will continue that way for many years to come.

David Whyte
General Manager
Shellharbour Workers'Club, NSW


The Tornadoes are a wonderful band. I had the pleasure of working with them right throughout New Zealand in 2006 and they were absolutely brilliant. They had a huge work-load.... so much to learn and remember and a bunch of fussy singers to boot! They took it in their stride and always came up with the goods. I've worked all over the world with musicians and these guys are up there with the best....yes....the name of our tour, The Best Of the Best! I could say they'll blow you away but I'll get raspberries from the balcony, so I'll just say you couldn't be on stage with a better bunch of blokes in the world.

Sharon O'Neill


I have had the absolute pleasure of being associated with one of Australia's very own rock and roll icons the TORNADOES for a number of years through several different venues. The Tornadoes continually impress me and my patrons with their versatile repertoire which goes as far back to the 50's all the way to today's modern music. My patrons can't help but dance to the music that is produced by the Tornadoes. The consistency of the crowds that attend the Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club on the NSW South Coast to view what is always a very entertaining show is nothing but tremendous. I will continue my relationship with Harry and the Tornadoes well into the future.

Anthony Cashman
Events Manager
Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club, NSW


In 2006, promoters Pacific Entertainment Limited approached me about being one of the Stars In BEST OF THE BEST//national concert Tour of NZ.

Before saying 'yes' I said 'Who's The Band'?......sorry but after The Invaders I'm fussy... remember they were MY band I wasn't just their Singer...I've got standards you know! Besides..I've been disappointed so many times by bands that were supposed to be SO HOT..and got there for rehearsal...and they didn't cut it.right.

I know you'r e thinking 'who the hell does he think He is?' Well it doesn't matter who I am...what matters is that after 40 plus years in this Entertainment Industry..I know I'm as good as my NEXT show...not my LAST....meaning I've got to plan ahead and make sure that I do it as a solo Entertainer the Backing Band is of paramount importance... in my eyes. See If you've heard of "She's A Mod" or "Till We Kissed", or "C'mon & Swim" or "YoYo" expect it to sound a certain way.

I know I can get up and perform like a monkey.sing the words, hit the notes. do the dances and that should work. Right? NO!!!

If I'm not having fun how can I be sure that you're enjoying it in the audience?

First thing I heard as I walked backstage in Timaru NZ was someone cursing..his amp and his guitar. Passion!! I love it!!!! It was Dave Goodger - lead guitarist with the Tornadoes and I was ready to rock. My dad brought me up to believe that 'Rehearsals are the hard work...the show is fun'...and usually that's 100% gospel.BUT I can tell you that I loved EVERY MINUTE of my rehearsal with the Tornadoes...they nailed everything. Loved doing it and it all made for a wonderful tour. SURE, it was financially a sellout but for me the music is first..and I had a ball...The InVaders and I only get together very rarely now (Roy & The Invaders I loving call us)...But I'm proud to say that the only other time I will be performing on stage in Australia now is when you see me on a bill with The TORNADOES...they not only rock...they love it. And so do I. See you with them somewhere soon...come up and Nod to the Mod

Ray Columbus
New Zealand


A wedding reception is undoubtedly one of the most important celebrations in family life and music plays such a large part in the success of a these events, live music even more so.

Entertainers need to present well, perform in a professional manner on and off stage and be sensitive to the needs of the audience as well as the management and staff of the venue.

Recently The Tornado's performed at Ravensthorpe for such a function and they simply made the night for all concerned. From set up and sound check to the last dance it was "good vibrations" all the way. I was impressed by their style and delivery of the vast range and variety of material in their repertoire which meant the dance floor was definately the place to be for all age groups on the night.

I would not hesitate to recommend this bunch of fine musicians for any important event.

Jim McAllum
Raventhorpe Reception Centre
Albion Park, NSW


Hi folks, Johnny Devlin here! Just thought I'd drop in and say a few words about my favourite band "the Tornadoes". I"ve known the guys for a number of years and have had the pleasure of working with them on many occasions. Their unique vocal and instrumental style ranks them as a "Super Band". Their professional attitude is superb both on and off the stage. So, if you are an event manager, a Company, a Club, or a function organiser and you need a special band for that special occasion, I thoroughly recommend my favourite band - the TORNADOES.

Johnny Devlin
Australasia's King of Rock and Roll